Ben Middelkamp – Wijhe NL – 1957

Ben is a self-taught artist, who describes his early experiences with art like this: ‘As a child I would watch the light fall through the coloured windows in church and was fascinated by the colours I could see on the curch floor’.
In 1974 he started his creative activities. He painted his first works and sold them at his house. In 1980 he performed his first Landart Project in Thurso, in Northern Scotland and on the island of  Terschelling.
He is one of the founding artists of a collective called ‘DNA Funart Vactorie’, in, as he says, ‘wild Berlin times’.
He exhibited in Europe and in New York and Los Angeles as well.
His art raised his interest in other cultures and in art, like Art Brut, primitive art, like that of the Aboriginals, Indians and Bushmen. It brought him closer to the stories and history behind the art, it led him to the origin of artexpressions.
Ben Middelkamp, 2020

Ruurd van Schuijlenburg – Sneek NL – 1965

Ruurd is a self-taught artist, working in Bunde-Dollart in Germany. His focus lies on the intensity of the portrait. A portrait is, he says, a balance-act between realistic drawing and interpretation. During the creative process the character of this balance is shown in the eyes of the character.

Ruurd van Schuijlenburg, 2020