Hello and welcome to this digital exposition, ‘Men from Putten in Sandbostel, April 1945’.
This expo contains the artwork of Ben Middelkamp and Ruurd van Schuijlenburg which they were to exhibit in the former concentrationcamp of Sandbostel, Germany, and the village of Putten in the Netherlands in April and May 2020. Due to Coronameasures both exhibitions will be postponed. On the 5th of April, however, a virtual exhibition is/was launched in the Gedenkstätte Lager Sandbostel. The link below gives you entrance to that virtual tour.


Taken hostage in the so-called ‘Razzia van Putten’ on October 1st and 2nd of 1944.
Deported to camps in Germany.
Forced to labour.
Evacuated to Stalag X in Sandbostel.
Thirtytwo died, twelve returned.


The bridge at Oldenaller.
Putten, the church.
Camp Amersfoort, the Netherlands.
Brillit, Germany. Railway Station.
Camp Sandbostel, Germany.


Ben Middelkamp and Ruurd van Schuijlenburg transformed recollections and impressions into the pieces of art, exhibited on this website.
Part of the artwork will be exhibited at Camp Sandbostel and in Putten.
The mediatour will contain videos and photographs of those exhibitions.


Ben Middelkamp and Ruurd van Schuijlenburg would like to thank the following persons for their cooperation and organizing the exhibitions and creating the website with us:
– Andreas Ehresmann, Ronald Sperling and Ines Dirolf at Gedenkstätte Lager Sandbostel,
– Jan van den Hoorn and others of Stichting Oktober 44,
– Harry Glazenborg for all films and photographs,
– The municipalty of Putten for financing part of our work.